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spacer What you see here is a system. The WATER WATCH, known as the standard throughout the world in water level control, is rapidly gaining popularity with trade and consumer alike. The WATER WATCH, for pools and spas, with its innovative concept and proficient design is truly a statement within itself.

Defined by years of experience in industrial fabrication and plastics, it's consumer conscious manufacturers have produced by far the most practical water level control system available.

A system not evolved from toilet-type controls, but a device which with its patented, new valve arrangements, defines itself by strictly working in the single application of pool and spa water level control. Its use encompasses and is applicable to new/existing pools, spas and unique aquatic environments, wherever water levels are absolute.

The innovations compiled in the WATER WATCH System have come to a new pinnacle with the introduction of a patented concept of delivering fresh water supply through the vacuum line, making the installation to existing pool systems both time-saving and, yes, child's play!

At a time when water conservation and economics require keeping a watchful eye on water levels, these matters need not demand so much of our time. The resemblance to good sense has just been made obvious with the perfection of the WATER WATCH System.

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